Pinners Brow Retail Park, Warrington, WA2 7XA - Tel: 01925 659995

Open Monday to Friday 9.30am - 6.00pm / Saturday & Sunday 10.00am - 6.00pm
Height limit applies 4'9" / 145cm

As you will probably be aware, on Friday 20th March The Jungle closed in response to Government advice to reduce the spread of Corona virus and ultimately help our NHS cope during  the current health crisis.

Obviously with no revenue for the foreseeable future, The Jungle, like many small business, will struggle to survive.  Our top priority at the moment is securing the jobs of our team, maintaining our family business that we have spent 15 years building up and of course being able to reopen as soon as the Government allows us to so we can offer customers the fabulous play facilities and service that you’ve enjoyed in the past. 

You’ll no doubt have heard that The Government have announced measures to support businesses which is a welcome relief to us, however, systems are not yet in place to allow us to claim the wage assistance or access the Government backed loans and we don’t know how long money will take to come through once approved.

What’s happening with your party booking…

We know that you have a party booked and have paid at least a £50 deposit to secure that party.  I want to reassure you that your deposit is safe and as soon as we reopen your party can be rearranged to any time in the future.  

We realise that you might think it’s no point having a party after your child’s birthday but why not?  After the disappointment of not being able to celebrate properly on the actual day after all this is over it’ll be a great way to celebrate and bring friends together again!  If not, you can move the party to your child’s birthday next year.

If you would rather not have a party then we understand and can offer you an Annual Pass worth £75 instead.  Your pass can start on any date you wish once we reopen and will allow you to visit at any time for 12 months.

Unfortunately we are unable to refund any deposits at this time as we just do not have the funds available.

I hope you will understand our position, we are doing our very best to keep our small business afloat whilst at the same time looking after our team and of course our own family. 

Stay Safe

Sarah & Paul