A Wild Place to Play & Party
Pinners Brow Retail Park,
Warrington, WA2 7XA 
Tel : 01925 659995
Monday to Friday 9.30am - 6.00pm
Saturday & Sunday 10.00am - 6.00pm

Height limit applies 4'9" / 145cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to tell you the exact number of children when I book?

No, an estimate will do.  Just tell us the final numbers when you pay your balance the week before.

Can I bring additional items to put in the party bags?

Yes, that’s fine, just hand over the additional items to your host when you arrive.

Can I set up a tab for drinks/food etc?

Yes, however you will need to deposit your card at reception for the duration of the open tab.

credit cards

Please note: We do not accept American Express

Is there a height or age limit applicable to children attending the party?

There is a height limit. 4’9” / 1.45m for playing on the equipment.  Children over this are only able to join the party tea. More info

Can my older child come along to supervise his/her brother or sister?

If they are are under 4’9” / 1.45m then yes.  Normal entry fees will apply for them if they're not invited to the party.


For Health & Safety and insurance reasons we can not allow a child who is over 4’9” / 1.45m but under 18 to enter the equipment.

Can the parents enter the equipment?

Yes, but only to supervise young children. For Health & safety reasons they must not actively play.

Can we play party games?

Yes, please mention that you would like to play games when you confirm your booking.

If you want a prize(s) please bring these with you or of course you can purchase any item from our shop.

Do I need to arrive early?

No, we have prepared everything for you. Unless you are the first party of the day your tables may be occupied by the proceeding party - you should arrive no more than 5 minutes before your party is due to start.

Do you provide a cake and candles?

No, but you can bring your own and we will cut your cake for you, wrap and put it into the party bags.

I have a child with a food allergy – can you cater for them?

Although we will always do our best to cater for children with special requirements, to ensure their safety we prefer for the parent of the child with the allergy to bring in appropriate food or to be available before the party to speak to our Catering Manager.

I have children who are vegetarians – can you cater for them?

Yes, just let us know how many of the children are vegetarian and we will ensure they are not served meat products.

Why do the children have to wear socks?

Children must wear socks to avoid passing or contracting foot infections and to ensure that they do not get friction burns from the slides or ropes.

It might be a good idea to bring a few spare pairs with you for children whose parents have forgotten to bring their own.

Alternatively, we sell socks at reception priced at £1 per pair.

Will any part of The Jungle be exclusive for our party?

Unless you book an exclusive hire party, only the reserved tables and the party room are exclusive to your party.

How many reserved tables are there?

We will reserve at least 4 tables - each party room has its own VIP seating area so all your guests are guaranteed to sit together.  You are free to also use any other tables that are not being used by the general public.

Can I give the host a tip? 

Yes, however although they may have made your party special, our policy is to distribute 100% of the tips amonst all our team. We feel this is the best way to reward everyone who contributed to your whole experience at The Jungle. ie the cleaners, the chefs, the reception team/party booker etc. 

Are there any parkng restrictions/limits? 

The car park is managed by our landlords and is limited to 3 hours. 
We cannot help with any tickets received for over staying the limit.  

The car park has a limited amount of disabled spaces.

end faq