A Wild Place to Play & Party
Pinners Brow Retail Park,
Warrington, WA2 7XA 
Tel : 01925 659995
Monday to Friday 9.30am - 6.00pm
Saturday & Sunday 10.00am - 6.00pm

Height limit applies 4'9" / 145cm

Party Food Options

Our party food is always prepared in our kitchen just before your party so it's as fresh as possible.

Party Food


Cold Food

Sandwiches - Jam, Ham & Cream Cheese
Cucumber Sticks
Cookies & Party Rings
PIP Organic Ice Lolly


Hot Food

Chicken Bites
Potato Waffles
Cucumber Sticks
Cookies & Party Rings
Pip Organic Ice Lolly 


Extra Food for kids…

Add some delicious extras for the children to share…

Pizza - £6.50 each (8 slices)
OFFER: Pre-order 2 and get 2 free toppings on each!

Hot Food Platter - £10.00
12 chicken nuggets / 12 potato waffles to share

Sandwich Platter - £10.00
24 quarters with your choice of fillings

Ice Cream Sundaes - £1.00 each
Vanilla ice cream with a selection of toppings


Extra Food for adults…

Add some delicious extras for the adults to share…

Breakfast Barms - £30 per platter
Perfect for our morning parties, a selection

of 6 hot bacon and 6 sausage barms – served halved so great for sharing!

Sandwiches - £22.50 per platter
A freshly prepared selection of five sandwiches of your choice, served in quarters on white or granary bread with a bowl of crisps and salad garnish

Cookie Platter - £10 per platter
A treat for your guests and perfect for afternoon tea or any time, a selection       

of 10 cookies (add 5 more for £5.00)  

PIZZAS - £6.50 per pizza
8 slices per pizza includes 2 free toppings if at least 2 pizzas are ordered in advance

If you have something special in mind or a particular dietary requirement please speak to a Manager when you book your party as we are always happy to provide a special quote to meet your needs! 
Allergen Chart