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Indoor soft play at The Jungle

Our multi-level, jungle themed soft play areas for children provide fun and excitement for young Jungle Explorers.  Race the 4 lane waterfall slides, walk the crocodile pit, wade through the ball pond, swing through the air and jump to safety on one of our fantastic trampolines!

We also cater for 3's and under in our separate soft play areas, complete with roundabouts, mini slides, rollers, soft play shapes and magic ball jugglers.

Safety is our number one priority, with daily, weekly and annual independent safety inspections.

Main Play Area

4 lane slide, tube slides, trampolines, ball pools and so much more.

Take a Google Maps tour inside The Jungle.

Boys By Splat Pad


Girl On Deck


Tier on the slide

V RopeBridge

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Toddler Soft Play Area

Toddler soft play area including magic ball juggler, slide, squeeze rollers and a roundabout, plus ample space for babies to crawl about.

Take a Google Maps tour inside The Jungle.

Toddler Area Front


Toddler Roundabout

Upper Level Biff Bashes

Converse Baby

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